Kombucha is a vibrant, living elixir made by fermenting organic teas with active bacteria cultures rich in probiotics. We flavor each tea with fresh juices utilizing local fruit, and then use a 2-step fermentation process to cultivate billions of beneficial bacteria in each bottle. 


In addition to the living bacteria (probiotics), each bottle contains enzymes, electrolytes, B-vitamins, and antioxidants that your body needs in order to thrive. Regular kombucha drinkers - including our beloved Karibe Kombucha customers - report more steady energy, mental clarity, better digestion, and improved skin. It's no wonder people have been making and drinking kombucha for thousands of years!



Karibe Kombucha is a family-owned business founded and operated out of Rincón, Puerto Rico. 


We work with local farmers we know and trust in order to source seasonal, organic fruits + veggies for our kombucha.



We believe in the slow food movement.

We believe in supporting small-agriculture in Puerto Rico.

We believe in enjoying the taste and benefits of high quality ingredients.