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Every bottle of Karibe Kombucha contains fruits & veggies from local farms. We often use herbs & flowers from our garden to flavor small batches.

Tropical Leaves

Made amidst magestic waves and rolling hills, our kombucha captures the rejuvenating essence of this small town with a big heart.


From San Sebastian to Viejo San Juan, find us in a store or cafe near you. Click to see a list including FreshMart, SuperMax, and many others.


Kombucha is a naturally bubbly drink made by fermenting green and black teas resulting in billions of healthy bacteria. These bacteria (probiotics!) help feed the good bacteria in your gut in order to reset and maintain a healthy digestive system. A happy digestive system helps your entire body function at its best, from your head tor your heart.


At Karibe our passion is offering nutrient-dense foods that look good, taste good, and make you FEEL good - both now, and later. Each of our kombucha flavors is packed with vitamins from local fruits and veggies. We also strive to be a leader in sustainability and this means we choose glass over plastic, and offer a bottle-return incentive to our customers.  We'll also fill any container you bring (up to a gallon) from our tap!

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